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The best windsurfing spots in Maui are located at the beaches on the north shore of the island. On the north shore, you will find A-class beaches that have everything you need for surfing. Be it sandy beaches with easy access to the ocean, perfect weather that makes a wetsuit obsolete, or perfect waves because of favourable wind conditions. And if you’re looking for the best windsurfing beach in this part of Maui, Kanaha Kai can definitely point you in the right direction. Why you ask? Read on and find out!

Kanaha Beach

Kanaha Beach Park

This is a great beach for windsurfing and kiteboarding. Usually the wind picks up in the morning and will be at full strength between 11 and 12. Kanaha offers an easy beach to start from, with no waves inside the reef. This makes it the perfect spot for beginner, advanced and pro wind- and kitesurfers.

There is a swimming zone, a volleyball area, lifeguard tower, showers, picnic tables, and restroom facilities.

Lanes Beach


Most surfers and stand up paddlers use the Ho’okipa water entry. Expert surfers only. This is even more so for the kiters who kite those waves. They use the reef

access and park across the street from Lanes. Due to the dangerous access over the reef and waves, this spot is experts/pros only.

Sprecks Beach


Another windsurf spot with fun small waves. Nice beach and good sailing but no facilities here and the parking is limited due to the sand dunes. Wind might be slightly stronger here than Kanaha.

Jaws Beach


In the winter month with a big swell in the forecast you can see here World’s biggest waves. This only happens 5-20 times a year. If jaws goes off this is a spectatcle not to be missed. Don’t try to windsurf or surf here, only for Pro big wave surfers. Extremly dangerous.

Wind statistic

Wind 4 bft or more

What beaches do you go to for the best windsurfing in Maui?

Along the north shore of Maui, there are several windsurfing beaches which are great for surfing. Kanaha Kai is owned by Dagmar and Bart de Zwart. Both owners are highly experienced SUP, kitesurfers and windsurfers that have explored every nook and cranny of the north shore of Maui. The shop is located very close to two popular beaches, Kite beach, and its more famous cousin, Kanaha beach park. East of Kanaha and still very close to the surf rental shop, you can find Hookipa, which is known best as an excellent place for windsurfing. Because the north shore of Maui is less crowded than the south and west, surfing is a lot more relaxed and you can make a lot more runs!


Organized windsurfing competitions at Hookipa beach

Did you know that Hookipa beach is home to several windsurfing competitions? As a matter of fact, Hookipa beach might be the most renowned windsurfing site in Maui and the world. And it’s just a short drive away from Kanaha Kai surf shop. You can rent all of your equipment here, drive up the coast and challenge your skills in the surf breaks along the beach. Need any further information or tips about the best surf spots in the north of Maui? Pay us a visit, or contact Kanaha Kai by phone or email.


Take our surfing lessons

If you’ve discovered your love for windsurfing not too long ago, it might be a good idea to take a few classes before going out on the beaches of Maui on your own. At Kanaha Kai, you can subscribe to several beginners, short board, and jibing lessons. These classes will make your windsurfing experience a lot more fun, which is the most important thing after all. If you wish to make a reservation, it is best to give us a call and check for availability. You can contact Kanaha Kai via +1(808) 877-7778.