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Professional SUP instruction by Bart de Zwart

Bart has been a Pro Stand up paddler and adventurer since the beginning of stand up paddling. With many wins in sup racing, sup expeditions and crossings around the world and current 24hr world record holder sup distance, Bart brings a lot of experience to the table.

Bart offers:

  • private sup lessons
  • guided tours
  • guided downwind runs (Maliko run)
  • weekly sup clinics

Performance clinics (sup race and wave)

  • Stroke technic
  • Training plans
  • Water training
  • Race preparation
  • Down wind paddling
  • Wave catching
  • Foiling

Watermen clinics (sup, waterfitness)

  • Stand up water training
  • Wave training
  • Breath holding training
  • Canoe training
  • Swimming in waves, body surfing
  • Training schedules

Adventure clinics

  • Expedition paddling
  • Paddle adventures
  • Preparation
  • Gear
  • Wave training


Private lessons or downwind runs
$95 p/hr
Guided tours, day clinic or day trip down the Maui coast
$400 p/day