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Do you like to kite surf and wish to try your hand at it in Maui? You can get all your equipment at kitesurf rental Kanaha Kai on the north shore of Maui. Why Maui? Because Maui has the perfect conditions for kite surfing. A near-constant, and very pleasant temperature, combined with perfect wind and wave conditions, set against the backdrop of a gorgeous ocean and shoreline. That’s why you choose Maui, and Kanaha Kai for your next kite surfing experience.

The latest kite surf equipment on Maui

The latest kitesurf rental available at Kanaha Kai in Maui is the Airush kite and board. Airush is known for providing the best kite surfing equipment available in the business. A unique service by Kanaha Kai is that you can switch your kitesurf equipment at our rental in the north of Maui indefinitely. That way, you can always choose the kite and surfboard rentals that best fit the weather and wave conditions. What makes it even easier to switch gear is the fact that Kanaha Kai is the kite rental closest to Kite beach in Maui. This is Maui’s most famous kitesurfing spot, and it’s just half a mile away from us!

Develop your kitesurfing skills

If you’re looking for lessons in kitesurfing, look no further. Kanaha Kai offers several lessons, provided by the best instructors available on the island. All lessons start out on the beach, where the basics of the kite, such as launching, flying and landing are explained to you. All lessons are thought one-on-one to assure maximal guidance to you as a first-time kitesurfer. Your instructor stays with you the whole time and is never more than a few feet away from you. Do you wish to make a reservation for kitesurfing lessons, or any other lesson, such as windsurfing, the next time you visit Maui? Feel free to contact us by calling +1(808) 877-7778.

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