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One of the things that can set people off with surf rentals in Maui is that they have to transport their equipment from the surf shop to the beach. That means that people must rent a car that is equipped to transport surfboards. And while some surf shops offer the possibility of a truck that you can rent, it’s still a rather expensive and inefficient way of going about. At Kanaha Kai equipment can be rented at the lowest of prices and very close to the beach. As a matter of fact, our shop is located just half a mile from Kite beach, and less than a mile from Maui’s surf central; Kanaha beach park.

Top-of-the-line surf rentals at Kanaha Kai Maui

Kanaha Kai has the largest collection of surf rentals on the island of Maui. Most of our equipment is supplied by local manufacturers such as Kazuma. At Kanaha Kai we invest in early release gear and the latest rigs, all so we can provide you with the best surf rentals available on Maui. Besides exquisite surf rentals, Kanaha Kai offers you the full service you may expect from a Maui surf shop. We have a profound knowledge of the equipment we have in store due to well over 30 years of experience, and offer our customers guidance and friendly service from start to finish.

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If you wish to check for availability, or if you have any other questions about wind or kite surfing, we’d be happy to answer them for you. Dagmar and Bart de Zwart are the owners of Kanaha Kai, and have several decades of experience in paddling, surfing and much more to draw from when answering your questions. You can contact our surf shop by calling +1(808) 877-7778.

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