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Biggest windsurfing rental fleet on Maui

We work with the best instructors on Maui.  It is all about having fun and when you have a good instructor who is moving at the right pace and encouraging you with positive feedback, the fun comes naturally.
Beginner lessons
Most lessons start at 9:00 in the morning with a brief orientation on the beach. Your instructor will teach you starting, steering and how to turn the board.
The boards are stable beginner boards with light easy rigs.

All equipment is included, just come with sunscreen a towel and a bathing suit.

Waterstart lessons
Once you master the water start, you are on your way to short board sailing. The instructor will teach you how to get up in all conditions. First steps on the beach and then he will go with you in the water.

Short board lessons
Learn how to use the harness, get in the straps and other skills which will help you make windsurfing a lot easier. The instructor will go with you on the water for the best results.

Jibing lessons
Everybody has been there. Learning the jibe can take a lot of time. But once you master the jibe, windsurfing will become even more exciting and less tiring. With the right instructor you will learn what to do to stand all your jibes. Or if you want to learn how to plane through them, also here an instructor can give valuable lessons.

Give us a call at 808 877 7778 and make a reservation to ensure we have instructors available.

Windsurfing Lesson Rates

Beginner and longboard LESSONS, all entry level equipment included.
1 class 2.5 hours, 2 or 3 students with 1 instructor (price p.p.)
2 class lessons, 5 hours
3 class lessons, 7.5 hours
4 class lessons, 10 hours
PRIVATE LESSONS (2 hours – One-on-one)
Privates are recommended for skill levels 3 waterstart and up
Private p/hr
6 Hour private lesson package